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All tutorials on this site are written by me using paint shop pro and different outside filters and various online resources. Any similar tutorials are purely coincidental. .

Your results are yours to do with what you like but no money is to be made using my tutorials.

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Monday, 2 May 2016
Stars & Skulls Tutorial

Kristins Starz N Skullz PTU Scrap kit from Here
Tube of choice - I used Black Rose by Misticheskaya from Here
Template 1 by Me from Here
Mikodacs Font from Here
PixelMix Font for credits from Here

Optional Filters
Lokas Gel
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow
Xero Radiancee
Xenofex Constellation

Note: I add drop shadows at the end once it's all come together. Feel free to add as you go along as this is just a guide.

1.) Select Circle 2 Layer - Select All - Float - Defloat - Add New Layer - Fill with a colour from your tube - Select None - Delete Circle 2

Add your favourite bevel effect - I used Lokas Gel with the settings
Bevel width: 59 Bevel Depth: 100 Colour overlay unchecked Highlight White: 43 Shadow Black: 10

2.) Outter Circle 6 Layer - Select ALL - Float - Defloat - Add New Layer - Fill with a colour from our tube - Select None - Delete Outter Circle 6

Add  your favourite noise setting - I used DSB Flux Bright Noise - Add the same Bevel/Gel effect from above

3.) Repeat step 2 for Outter Circle 5 Layer - I changed the noise setting slightly to get a different effect/colour

4.) Open Paper 12 - Copy - Select Rectangle 1 Layer - Select all - Float - Defloat - Paste as a new layer - Position - Invert Selection - Delete

 Optional - I added a xero radiance effect to adjust the colour

5.) Repeat Step 4 for Rectangle 2 layer

6.) Open Paper 11 - Copy - Select Circle 5 Layer - colorize to colour of your choice - Select All - Float - defloat - Invert - Paste as new layer - Delete

Change the opacity of paper layer to 74%

7.) Repeat Step 6 for Circle 6 layer

8.) Choose 2 colours from your tube as your foreground and background colours. Change the foreground to gradient -
select Foreground-Background with the style set as sunburst. You may need to invert so the darker colour is on the outside with lighter in the center.

Select Circle 3 layer - Select All - Float - Defloat - New Layer - Fill with your gradient - Select None - Delete Circle 3 layer

9.) Using the same gradient repeat step 8 for Circle 4 layer

10.) Open Frame 2 - Copy and Paste as a New Layer - Resize 60% then 75% - Place layer above Circle 3 and position so the diamonds are sitting around the inside.

Duplicate layer - Move and poition the same again around Circle 4

11.) I added a noise effect on the 2 Diamond layers

12.) Open the Element Bones Border - Copy and Paste as a New Layer - position on top of the rectangle layer then delete any sticking out the other side of the circle.
Do the same for the second rectangle.

13.) Open up the Web element - Copy and Paste as a New layer - Move layer to the bottom - Position between the circles on the left - See Tag for positioning - Delet any unwanted bits.
Paste another one and position between the bottom 2 circles - again delete any unwanted bits of the web

14.) Open up the Splatter element - Copy and Paste as a New Layer - Move the layer to sit between the top 2 circles and slightly over lapping the bigger circle on the right. (see tag)

15.) Open the Bow 1 element - Copy and Paste as a new layer - position to the side of the purple outter center circle.(see tag)

16.) Open Paper 1 - Select Circle 1 layer - Select All - Float - Defloat - Invert Selection - Paste as a new layer - Delete - Delete Circle 1 Layer - Do Not Deselect

17.) Copy and paste your tube - Paste as a new layer - position in the center circle to your liking - Delete
I added a xero radiance effect on my tube layer.

18.) Copy and paste your tube as a new layer - Position your tube to your liking and add any effects

19.) Go add some sparkle :) I used Xenofex constellation on the outter circles and the diamond layers.

20.) Add your favourite drop shadow settings if you haven't done so already

21.) Crop around the outside to remove any leftovers hanging over the edge then when you are satisfied Merge and resize the tag to your liking

22.) Add copyright information. I use the font Pixelmix and add a gradient glow

23.) Add Your name, I used Mikodacs size 72 with a colour from my tube - Add the Bevel/Gel effect from earlier -
I used EyeCandy Gradient Glow with the settings - Basic: Glow width 9.02 Soft Corners 25 Overall Opacity 100 Draw only outside selection checked.
Colour tab: i used white and a colour from the tube to compliment the text.

24.) Crop again, this time around the tag and get rid of the extra space

And you are all done :)

Sunday, 6 October 2013
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